Welcome to The Yoga Shack! We are honored to assist you on this journey!

Here are some tips for your first time-


  1. Arrive early: Head to the studio at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class. Let us know it's your first time!  The instructor can provide modifications and help you during class.
  2. What to Wear: Comfortable non restrictive clothing.  ie; yoga/gym pants, shorts, tank or t-shirt, no socks or shoes needed.
  3. What to Bring: Yoga mat, (rental fee-$1 or purchase one in our retail shop) and a smile :)
  4. Don't take class on a full stomach: It's best to eat a light meal 1-2 hours before class begins.
  5. Hydrate: Drink water before and after class. (We have water for sale)
  6. Resting is always an option: There might be yogis of all levels practicing in class, so if there's a pose you don't understand or aren't ready to try, don't be afraid to take rest in a gentle Child's Pose. This posture is always an option if you lose your connection to your breath during class. It will help you zen out and tune into your body's needs.
  7. Keep  an Open Mind:  Have fun, breathe and listen to your body! 

                                        The  best classes for beginners:  Gentle, Flow & Restore, Beginner Series